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Behind the brand.

Being a creative with an artistic hand ever since she was a little girl, Sophia is living her dream of owning her own beauty business that is making such a positive impact on others. With over 5 years in the beauty industry, Sophia Aviles has taken on the brow community by storm. Being one of the top most sought after artists in SWFL her brows have become known as a "work of art".  Each client is her blank canvas as she designs an authentic brow true to their bone structure and style that suits their best  potential with a beautifully natural result. She continues to study and certify herself in the latest of techniques to ensure the best results possible. Sophia sets the bar when it comes to having high standards in professionalism, quality, and perfection. Enhancing one's beauty and allowing their self confidence to shine bright through her services is Sophia's ultimate passion.

Bare Face Beauty isn't just a business, it's a movement.

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